With over 200 cumulative years in the steel industry alone, we provide value-added Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions to increase productivity and quality while reducing overall systems cost.

Blast Furnace Automation

JNE Automation supplies complete engineered control systems for world class blast furnace operations. Our capability and experience enables us to develop tailored automation solutions to meet the exacting needs of the Producer. Our solutions incorporate the latest developments in system design and interconnectivity to maximize the availability of mission critical process and equipment data to the operator while minimizing maintenance costs and production downtime.

BOF AutoTap Systems

JNE Automation, in conjunction with NuPro Corporation, has integrated automated BOF tapping systems on four Basic Oxygen Furnaces in North America.  Our partnership provides a complete solution, including a vision system to monitor the slag level in the vessel during tapping to control the rate of tapping to minimize slag carryover to the steel ladle.

Coil Handling & Storage

JNE’s proven Automated Material Handling Systems allow you to plan, organize, store, retrieve, and document your inventory through robust, reliable automation and informative, user-friendly screens. Our systems can automatically map, store and retrieve coils for multi-customer, multi-type, multi-bay and multi-level storage facilities, allowing for complete flexibility to maximize storage space and reduce employee handing times.

Legacy Control Upgrades

JNE Automation has achieved Process Solution Partner status with the major Automation Suppliers, enabling us to efficiently support the update of the many legacy control systems that exist within the Steel industry. Modern control systems provide a single control platform for multiple functions that were previously handled by legacy PLC’s, legacy DCS’s and the drive functions that were handled by the legacy drive islands. By consolidating control of all of these systems into one unified system, Operators are given new degrees of control and flexibility while simplifying the system architecture and reducing maintenance and difficult to source spares costs.

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