JNE Automation grows with Paul Wurth Integration

NOVEMBER 15, 2012 — The JNE Group of Companies (“JNE”) is pleased to announce the immediate transfer of the business of Paul Wurth Automation Inc., including its employees, to JNE’s Automation Group. “By integrating the specialized blast furnace automation know-how of Paul Wurth with the existing strengths of JNE Automation, we will create a group of highly experienced automation professionals,” said George MacCuish, Vice-President of JNE.

The combined skill sets include programming logic control, distributed control systems, process control and batch systems, drive systems, level 2, tracking, automated equipment, MES, robotics and business system interface. As a group, JNE can deliver highly standardized solutions for the full blast furnace automation as well as automation concepts for other fields of the primary and secondary steel market, such as hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, plate mills, processing lines or material handling and cranes.

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